A little bit about me.

In life and in photography I value the "real moments." The kind of moments that you didn't realize would mean so much to you years later. About 5 years ago, I lost my dad tragically in a car accident; I'm not sure I can adequately express just how much it has changed my approach to photography or to life for that matter. What I can say is, I take your memories personal, the way your dad held you tight when you danced with him, the tears filling your mom's eyes while she looked at you in your dress ready to walk towards your new future and the absolutely beaming smiles on your faces as you walked down the aisle as man and wife; These always tug on my heart in a big way, but they resonate a little deeper now.

My approach to wedding photography is a hybrid of capturing the events as they unfold naturally and adding direction when needed. You can expect lots of encouragement, honesty and laughter.

I find great joy in serving and in new adventures. Wedding photography allows me to do both of these. Thank you for letting me serve you and be a part of your adventure.

Much Love, Jules

what real brides are saying...


Sierra & Ryan

“We loved working with Jules! She brought a warm energy to our session. She has a gift to make you feel comfortable and confident to express who you are in the moment.”

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A little bit more about me:

Favorite city

London, I have seriously considered living there.

Favorite season

I love them all, but something about the Texas Fall I just adore.

Ocean or Mountain

So hard! I would have to lean more towards the ocean.

Favorite foods

Thai/Indian/Mexican, bring on the spice!


I love long flights, seriously. It's weird....I know!