Pick your Neutrals

White. Ivory. Beige. Gray. Nude. Blush. etc.

They go with almost anything, and I recommend using a lot of them. You can even create your entire palette using only neutrals!

If you would like to add color keep this ratio in mind; 80% (or more) neutral tones and 20% (or less) color.

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Complement Don't match

spread the love and the colors

This is the outfit mistake I see most often. Let me tell you....I get it.

When choosing a color scheme keep in mind that you don't have to have every person wearing every color in your palette. This is the key to “complement, not match."

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Patterns + textures

Linen. Leather. Corduroy. Floral. Plaid.

Although it can be difficult teaming up textures and patterns, it is so worth it! A general rule of thumb is, avoid repeating the same pattern. Depending on the size of your family, try having one pattern (shapes), or one print (florals), and throw in some texture like a linen or a chunky sweater material.

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