how to look natural in your photos

Even though wedding portraits are posed... no one wants portraits that look posed. The more candid and authentic your portraits look the more satisfied you will be.

Now there are tons of ways to ensure this... but just in case you have a photographer who isn't sure how to pose you, here is one of the MAIN tips you can do.

Known as the "NOSE X-FACTOR."

So what is it? 

nose x-factor

Imagine you have an imaginary line coming out of the tip of your nose and eyes. When posing with your fiancé you always want those imaginary lines crossing making an X. Meaning you almost never want to look directly in the eyes of each other for the portrait. Why? 

It can look cheesy and fake.

So instead of having my couples look at each other in the eyes, I'll have one of them turn their chin slightly to the side and down, and drop their eyes down. This gives the portrait a more candid and authentic touch.

So how about posing your hands, arms, and even your eyes?